Tuesday, June 17, 2008

viva la vida


It's been a long time since I let a whole month slip by without posting. One reason that it's happened now is because that last post was really significant...our life could change drastically and for the better soon...but we are waiting for now.

Another reason is that this has been probably one of the busiest times of my life! In the past month I drove something like 3,000 miles [yuck], visited my family at home and my husband's family, went to 2 concerts, helped a friend move, attended a wedding [as you can see above], FINISHED TEACHING, and in the last 11 days, I have been extremely busy every day and night except ONE.

Hopefully some of my activites the last 2 days will pay off [such as driving 700 miles in 24 hours].

I promise to stop being so vague soon! Once some things have been figured out.

I have 2 days of 'down time' - during which I have a huge to do list to complete - then it's back to Pittsburgh Thurs-Sat for my sister-in-law's wedding...then I fly out of Pittsburgh at 6:30 am on Sunday to visit my sister in Charlotte for 4 days!

I think it's a sign of me getting older when I actually [secretly] look forward to June 26, when I will be home again and can actually relax for a few days. Or maybe even a whole week!