Thursday, January 10, 2008

too much carbon monoxide...

i am buried in stuff. some of it is fun, though:
*i start grad school next friday night
*i need to pay for my class
*tomorrow is my 1st BL weigh-in at school
*i am going to win, btw
*i'm trying to keep track of calories and fitness everyday online
*i've worked out for 10 days in a row...85 more to go!
*i SO want a new job
*my class next weekend is YA lit. i'm pretty sure i've already done most of the work, ha!
*YA lit rocks. i can't believe how much i am looking forward to class.
*it's cool how complete strangers can encourage you. [!]
*i need to get my degree approved by my super anal school district - prayers would be helpful.

where's the air?

Monday, January 07, 2008

i'm going to stick my head in the oven now.

why do i have to have such a stupid mouth?
i don't mean to be a high maintenance patient.
but my jaw doesn't last long
and my pain tolerance doesn't even exist.

so i get to the dentist
and she says 'i'm going to use this gel to numb your mouth'
and i say 'ok.'
then she says '95% of people use this gel and are fine.'
i say 'ok, let's try it.'

not even close.

so then the 'real' dr. comes in
and shoves loads of needles into my mouth
meanwhile i am starting to shake quite a lot
and freeze. oh my word i am so cold.

then dr. #1 starts working again.

closer, but no.

so dr. #2 comes back.
you know what this means.
more needles.

and i am now turning to ice
and shaking so much
and they are like 'oh yeah, those are side effects of the anesthesia.'

then as dr. #2 is working again she casually mentions that i can't eat for 3 hours afterwards.
even nicer.

finally the work is done
and dr. #1 says she is going to give me a quick polish then i am done.
the polish = ice being blasted into my mouth.
but it looked like smoke was coming out of my mouth.

the best part is that i have to go back again next week to have the other half of my mouth done.

stupid, bastard mouth.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

again with the numbers.

170 - days till i have a new brother-in-law
111 - more days of school this year provided we have 4 snow days [which we will not]
95 - days in a row i will be working out starting January 1st [3 days down]

90 - cost of new running shoes
84 - days i will be participating in 'the biggest loser' at my school
29 - cost of nike plus to keep track of miles and distance
3 - miles walked / jogged so far
2 - days that i have had shin splints