Monday, July 30, 2007

my extremely random yet oddly specific thoughts.

  • We bought a laser pointer [remember those?] in the 'cat toy' department at Target over the weekend. I never knew my husband would be so entertained by it. He is enjoying it more than the cats!

  • I remember being in 9th grade...watching 'channel one' at school [a news thing] and there was a commercial with a little girl who was talking about 'the information superhighway.' It sounded crazy, unreal, even silly. And my friends and I laughed about it and said 'that will never happen...' and not 2 months later I had an email address.

  • This coming weekend [which for me, starts Wednesday!] I am traveling to Virginia by train. I get to see my sister! And some dear friends. I'm very excited. Like jumping up and down excited. Super squinty eyes and huge cheesy grin excited. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it.

  • I purchased a belt today. I have never purchased a belt in my life. My sister would be so proud.

  • I had to purchase a belt because I keep buying pants and they keep ending up being too large after a few weeks.

  • Speaking of shopping, I tried to buy a swimsuit today. I wish I would have gotten the memo that swimsuits are no longer functional whatsoever! I need one that I can wear for water aerobics that will actually stay on, go figure. I tried on Nike and Speedo ones, and they were cute and fit and whatever, but there was no way I could wear any of them for swimming or aerobics. And don't even get me started on 'support.' Or really the lack thereof.

  • I got a phone call from a camper yesterday. It was the cutest thing ever. [besides which this girl was my 'favorite' - shh!]

  • Yesterday at church my pastor asked if I was in for fantasy football again this year. I got really excited. I came in 2nd last year...out of 40 teams! And only 3 of them were run by women.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Friday, July 20, 2007

retail heaven

I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday for over two hours. [C'mon...shiny new books...comfy chairs...and starbucks coffee! What more do I need?]
I also made two sales when I was there and was basically offered a job! Ha, too funny. I spent most of my time in the 'teen' section [I still swear that 'teens' don't want to be called 'teens.'] - reading many a book jacket and writing down too many titles on my 'to read' list. And giving a few recommendations here and there...I just can't help myself.
Also I find it comical that I *ahem* 'seemed' to know more about *cough* young adult/children's books and authors than the employees. [Probably why they tried to recruit me.]
Anywho, if you click on my 'goodreads' link over there on the left, and then from there find my 'to read' list, you will see the gems I discovered in the teen section that I hope will live up to the previews! Actually, over half of the books I chose are by authors I have previously they should be rather good!
Now the question is...back to B&N for a midnight purchase tonight? Hmm, we will see.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I've been gone for a long time. You might want to grab a snack before reading. Here goes:

1. I did successfully reach my "I am going to exercise for 90 days in a row no days missed" goal thingy. Then I went to camp for a week and took some days off after that. I think tomorrow I need to get back on the horse. Or treadmill/bike, as it may be. The good news is that I have gone down some inches here and there and taking that time off for camp was not a setback!

2. My grandparents 60th / parents 30th anniversary party was so nice! It was pretty laid back, as family parties go. And great to see some family that I see about 2x per year.

3. I went to camp again. I could write a novel! For now I will say it was great, but also a lot different from previous years, and I had to deal with some heavy issues concerning one of my campers. Hopefully I helped her some...only being there for a week is not so long when it comes to situations like these.

4. On a happier note, this was the best year of camp in many ways!

5. It was good to be with my immediate family for so many days! I miss them. I hate living so far away. My 92-year-old grandfather [Papa] always reminds me of this fact when I leave. So sad.

6. I just loved the weather when I was home. I wore jeans/sweatshirts/etc so many days! I love when it's like 70-75 in the day and then cool enough at night for a sweatshirt. Although the 1st two days of camp were HOT, after it stormed on Wed am, the rest of the week was gorgeous. I'm so thankful for that!

7. I felt like crap after camp...well the sunburn [only a little!] and shin splint didn't help. And the lack of sleep. It took me a LONG time to recover! In fact, today is really the 1st day I feel pretty much normal. So, only 4 days? :)

8. I wish I lived in Pittsburgh. And could see camp people all year.

9. Hopefully I will be seeing some of them over Labor Day. And New Years. And other random times!

10. I am really glad to be home...I was away so long!

11. I finally became a member at Barnes and Noble today, after many years of shopping there and sighing when they asked me if I was a member and having to say 'no.' Immediately after getting my membership card, I went to the B&N starbucks and got lunch...and did a victory dance when I got to use my member discount for it.

12. I have my hair in braids and I feel like Pippi Longstocking.

13. I will stop for now. Need to finish reading HP6, and make dinner, and see my hubby, etc.