Monday, July 31, 2006


i got my hair done today, not sure how i feel about it yet. i just need to adjust, and stop pining after my boring, multi-colored hair of a few hours ago. it was comfortable, but not that flattering. at least my sister thinks now that i look 'freakin awesome.' thanks, twin. love you!

hmmm. i'm really ready for autumn. i just plain adore that season. i love wearing sweatshirts and jeans and being a little chilly while sitting at a football game on an October evening.

i'm pumped for this week, church 2 nights in a row, and then hopefully on friday i'll get to see my sister-in-law before she moves. oh, and the in-laws have central air and that will be just plain amazing.

ok. it's too hot to stay in this room any longer.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

august's promise of good memories.

i've found myself feeling a little down because summer is flying by and school starts in a month. BUT i plan to live life to the fullest until i begin teaching again. besides working out a lot, reading, and writing, here's what is going down:
- a visit to the in-laws for several days [which is actually a really good thing]
- we're going to get a new kitten!
- my parents are coming to philly for a couple days, for about 48 hours, which should be the perfect amount of time for us to enjoy each other's company without any annoyances. i hope.
- a day trip to NYC with my twin - gelato and crazy photos, here we come!
- hopefully, 3 weeks of small group out of the 4 left. sady i will miss one when at the aforementioned in-laws.
- lots of quality time with my husband
- praying for an amazing start to my hubby's new job on august 14.

You are good, all the time
All the time, You are good.
[here we go]

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

My biggest regret?

I know so many people who claim to have 'hated' high school, for whatever reason.

I, however, loved it. I had so many wonderful friends, and a great Christian fellowship that I was involved in, and band [yes, I was a band geek], and I really just enjoyed those 4 years.

I'm not close to any of those friends anymore, even though most of the rest of them have remained close, and have been in each other's weddings, etc. Sometimes an overwhelming sadness grabs ahold of me, and I regret not maintaining these relationships.

The same can be said for college friendships.

I'm not sure what to do about to completely let go of these people who have meant so much to me at one time or another.

I don't think it's Biblical to 'regret' things...but I can't just forget people I have loved.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What a wondrous love is this.

God is so faithful. Our patience has been rewarded. I don't even know what to say, 3 hours ago Andrew told me that he was offered the job, and I am so thankful and grateful and excited and proud of him that I can't even express it. At the moment he told me, I squealed, jumped around the room, hugged and kissed him, and danced around some more. Now, I am a little calmer, and I just feel peaceful. Thankful.

Thank You.

Monday, July 24, 2006

6 days after camp, this is how I felt.

I have a Labec-shaped hole in my heart.
I have post-Lambec depression.

Lambec ripped me open this year. In that one week of camp, I was so full of joy and friendship and God...
that now I feel kind of empty.

Going to my wonderful church on Sunday will help.
Seeing 2 of my pastors today filled me a little.
Looking at camp photos filled me a little.
Small group on Tuesday will be SO good.
Sports camp all next week will be great.

Oh, Lambec. I can't believe another year has come and gone.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Twins at Camp!

Originally uploaded by t23e.
Yeah, we smiled like this all week.

Snowball Fight

Snowball Fight
Originally uploaded by t23e.
Nothing like being covered with flour and sweat.

Waterslide wackadoos

Waterslide wackos
Originally uploaded by t23e.
Here is a pic to give you an idea of how crazy the week at camp was.

Future Dr. Matt jumped on top of the girl's pyramid.

Note: I was not stupid enough to join in on this craziness...however, I fully plan on it next year.


camp was amazing. this morning i uploaded the 200-and-some photos that i took during 7 days. they made me smile. i feel like i am almost fully recovered from no sleep and bad camp food.

i'll try to post some photos on here later. also, some Karlisms. and stories.

for now, i will just say:

God is good.