Saturday, November 22, 2008

i heart technology?

So, as my last post stated, I love my new job, so much in fact that I have been neglecting my blog to work on school-related things at night, such as this and this. Not sure if that second link will work, but if not I will tell you that it is the ning that my [awesome] principal created for our faculty. I've also been spending time on this ning and on goodreads. I love that I get to spend so much more time working with technology at this job! Also this week I taught 10 classes about evaluating websites, for which I modified and presented a powerpoint, I made a [sweet] brochure explaining how to access all of our online databases, and last night I went to a used book sale where I bought about 60 books - all but 3 are hardcover and brand-new - for only $52!

Upcoming things that I am excited about at my school:
* spending more time on my webpage, which for now is only about research
* using ning with students
* teaching students how to create wikis / webpages
* the purchase of a new, web-based library program which is going to finally bring my school into the 21st century in this area
* the formation of a club of students who are going to meet with me to discuss how we can improve the library, and hold events in the library possibly as fundraisers, etc.
* the formation of a photography club, which i will moderate!
* the purchase of some bean bag chairs to make the library more comfy