Wednesday, February 14, 2007

*happy sigh*

Happy snow day to me! And Andrew. Who is still sleeping although it''s almost noon. No worries, I have been up since 8, and have read 2 books already. I'm a sloth, so I think now I'll get up and move around somehow. After I finish typing, that is. Last night I awoke a few times to the sound of freezing rain...then I had dreams that it was warm enough for plain rain, and the snow got washed away, and I had to go to school. My nightmares were soon dissolved. Who knew I would be so happy to receive a phone call at 5 am?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

first the weed, now this.

Went to North East for the weekend, and throroughly enjoyed the 2 feet of snow.

Dad and I went to the beach:

Last night I was playing Family Fued with [surprise] my family. The question was "Name something a police office dresses up as when he goes undercover." So I write down 'civilian' and turn to my mom to ask what she thinks, when she grabs the marker and board from my hand, and quickly writes:
pimp / woman / bum / junkie.
[When she wrote the 'w' for 'woman' I definitely thought she was writing 'whore' after what she has just written!!!]
Needless to say, I cracked up, and so did she, and I asked if she's been watching 'COPS' lately.

Jenni and dad thought it was hilarious too.

I think it was definitely better than the last time we were together, when we returned to our hotel at 1 am on New Years Day and there were 20 guys in the we went into our room...and it stunk. [So did the hall.] I said 'wow, that's a lot of weed.' And my mom proceeded to call the front desk and say 'it smells like weed in our room.'

When we started laughing about that again last night, and we asked how mom even knows what that smell is, she said at concerts she has smelled it. Apparently she's been to some wild concerts.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

North East forecast part 2

Hopefully things will calm down before I get there on Friday...

Saturday, February 03, 2007

6 weird things...

crystal tagged me and i’m supposed to list 6 weird things about myself so here it goes…

1. i don't like shoes. not real shoes. let me explain...i'm crazy for flip flops/sandals and wear nothing else when it's warm enough. i love the fact that a friend of mine got me a pair for christmas this year. perfect. so besides my flip flop collection...almost all of my other shoes are slip ons. most don't have a back to them, and even if they do, i can still slip them on. this includes sneakers.

2. i read an average of 1.5 books a week. sure, there are some weeks where i don't read at all...but then other weeks that i read 3-4 books. i suppose i have chosen the right profession, where i am currently in charge of over 13,000 books everyday!

3. i'm currently listening to the new justin timberlake cd on tunes. for this, i really have no explanation.

4. tonight i drove through starbucks. after receiving my tall, nonfat chai, i lovingly held it in my hand and said out loud ' i love you.' then i laughed at myself.

5. one night i had a dream that the whole earth flooded. there was nothing but water as far as the eye could see. only myself and 2 other people survived. the next day...hurricane katirna hit.

6. i don't love the least not in the summer. with my nearly transparent skin, i burn in about 20 minutes. my husband is also an non-beach person. [in fact, he is probably more anti-beach.] however, where did we go on our honeymoon? the bahamas. did we go the beach when we were there? nope. figure that one out. [we did walk across a beach once to go snorkeling, but i don't think that counts.]