Wednesday, February 25, 2009

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3

I am a test-taking Nazi.

Here are my rules when kids come to take a test in the library: [please note: I have never yet known these kids were coming beforehand, and I think the teachers don't care if they cheat, because why else would they send 6 kids down the hall together with tests in their hands? I was in high school once, I know what goes on.]
1. Students must sit facing walls ie they cannot face each other and therefore are not tempted to cheat. Which is what I tell them, although I know they think I am just trying to annoy them.
2. No bathroom breaks where you can potentially memorize the letters written on your arm that correspond with your scantron sheet.
3. If you keep coughing I am going to think it's code for a, b, c, etc and yell at you.
4. Same thing if you keep tapping your pencil, hands, feet on the table, floor, chair.
5. Do NOT make eye contact with anyone but me. This is usually avoided by #1.
6. When you are done with the test, give it to me, and I will turn it in for you to your teacher. What, did you think after all that I was going to let you walk down the hall together and compare answers?