Friday, March 09, 2007

4 years ago...

we did aerobics for an hour
drove to the city
received a dear sweet person off the train
on the way home consumed checkers fries and a banana shake
(totally undoing the effects of the aforementioned workout)
hung out a little at my place

this is when the trouble began.

it was after midnight when she said
'jacuzzi time!' with a gleam in her eyes and a smile
knowing i would not say no
so we put on the suits and piled into cars
(after de-icing mine for 20 minutes)
and drove to her house
where we wrapped in towels
jumped into the hot tub
and sat there teeth chattering

while the thermometer mocked us.

the hot tub was not hot
it was a lukewarm tub
with 3 shivering giggling crazy girls
who didnt want to get out for fear of frostbite
but didnt want to stay in for the same fear
eventually we ran into the house one at a time
looking like we were on fire
steaming in our wet suits with too much skin exposed
for this march 7th at 1 am

in the 27 degree weather.

[Friday, March 07, 2003]

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