Thursday, September 04, 2008

trying to find a silver lining, no matter how small

School has started and I can't lie and say it's great...but I really hate that I *hate* it...and I don't like the way I feel when I am there and the way I act and things I say. It's just really not me.

So in order to combat this, I am going to try and think of at least one GOOD thing that happens each day at school.

So here goes:

Tuesday - a 1st grade girl named Maggie came into the library during open house, and her mom told me that Maggie said they had to go visit 'the nicest teacher in the school'...and it was me.

Wednesday - I was completely stressed out about having 4 autistic students and 5 special needs kids in my room for 40 minutes not even an hour after school started...but then we had an assembly during that time, and the kids were wonderfully behaved. Phew.

Today - Umm today was a challenge. I will keep thinking and get back on here soon. ;)

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