Monday, June 05, 2006

a 'hoot'

i saw 'hoot' this weekend. [before i became deathly ill] it was pretty cute. i liked it. i know they changed a lot of things from the book, though. it's a good thing i read the book like 5ish weeks ago and my memory doesn't last that long! but yeah. go read the book. AND THEN see the movie. you will not be disappointed.

i went with one of my kids and her mom. i thought the kid would die of shock/wonder/awe when i got into her car. i asked her if it was weird to see me NOT in school and she yelled 'yeah!' what a cutie. no really, she is. right now though i am so sick of kids. i can't believe i HUNG OUT with a kid on a weekend! there must be something seriously wrong with me. though later that day i did become ill so as you can see, i was coming down with something. thus, hanging out with a student on a saturday.

so then saturday afternoon on the way home from the movie i became pretty sick feeling...of course it might have been the small popcorn with butter that i consumed with a giant bottle of water. popcorn should never be consumed with water. but my sore throat and better judgement forced me to order water. and drink it with my popcorn. thus, major naseau insued.

plus, when i got home and my throat was killing me and i could hardly breathe, i took 2 cold medicine pills AND 2 excedrin sinus headache pills...and i believe this added to my stomach stupidness.

so yesterday i seriously did not get out of my pjs all day. i haven't done that in a long time. i couldn't even get myself to make a quick run to rent a movie. even though i really wanted to watch one. i settled for watching part of 'saved the last dance' and most of 'never been kissed' on tbs. and i read pretty much an entire book. it was ok, the ending was cool but not as satisfying as i would have hoped. and i got grades done for 20 of my 30 classes. and watched '13 going on 30.'

when i was doing my grades, i was seriously tempted to look at the 2nd graders and make a list of the ones i will be SO HAPPY NOT to have next year. hahaha. i think i will do that tonight.

so today i came to school. what can i say, i'm a masochist.

the worst part of my day was when i tried to yell at some kids and my voice just refused to get any louder. it's a sad day when i can't yell at my kids.

and that brings us to now. thank GOODNESS i had a shorter day today, 5 classes instead of 6. woot. so at 2:05 the kids all left. how sad. and i seriously considered asking the office people if i could just go home then instead of waiting another hour and 25 minutes. gross. but alas, i am waiting it out. i don't really feel THAT bad right now.

after work i am going to the library to get a movie to show the kids tomorrow so i don't have to talk to them. hahaha. that is my goal for the end of the year. talk to the kids as little as possible.

only 9.5 more days with the little buggers.


windofhebel said...

so what's the plan for next year? how are you getting rid of these second graders?

theophania said...

well i have this crazy plan...which includes the 2nd graders moving on to 3rd grade. i sincerely hope they do, anyway. ;)

Guinevere said...

so am i supposed to comment when i got the original version? hehe. you and your lists! i think that'd be a good one to make. i should make a new list of things i'm going to do this summer, cus i'm being so unproductive! minus the comments right now, totally accomplishing oh so much! maybe i will read Hoot at some point now...