Saturday, October 04, 2008

Things I will not miss about my job:

  1. getting coughed/sneezed on DAILY
  2. teaching 30 classes/over 600 kids a week
  3. saying the same thing a million times a week because of how many kids i teach
  4. not having any time to get library work done [see #2]
  5. meetings...sometimes 5 days a week! [see #4]
  6. giving out grades that are completely arbitrary and pointless
  7. relying on an assistant and 15+ parent volunteers to do my job [see #4 yet again]
  8. being the 'exception' at librarian meetings ie: 'this does not apply to you because you have no time to do this...' [see #2 and #4]
  9. teaching only 20 min less per day than a classroom teacher [again that pesky #4!]
  10. no time to co-plan [see #8]
  11. no time to co-teach
  12. kindergarten classes 10x/week for 40 minutes each
  13. pulling my hair out every week trying to figure out what exactly to do with 2 special needs classes that come to see me [together] for 40 min, for which i have absolutely no training
  14. trite conversations with people that don't really care
  15. working with 4 different budgets that go through 10 different people, when all i am trying to do is buy what is needed/wanted by staff/students
  16. my sore throat that has been hanging on since teaching day one this school year [see #1 and #2]
  17. 'the framework for continuous improvement' which just results in even more meetings

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